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Monday, February 8, 2010

valentines day is coming up... Oh goody goody gun drops.


you know that song "can't buy me love" by The Beatles?

well, what its really doing is tearing this holiday to shreds.

congrats, dear friends.

now, note to self: stop giving boys false hope of me liking them.

i wont.

i can't.

I've tried.

and I've seen no point.

the end.

still be my friend please though.

so funny story of the week

Saturday night, gaspirilla.. my mom is very drunk by the end of our night in ybor, and nick is the designated driver. so while we are driving down the highway in Tampa, my mom proceeds to throw beads out our windows in hopes of making it into my uncles car.

well needless to say people's aim is not very good while intoxicated.

but it was fun.

it made me laugh.

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