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Friday, February 12, 2010

Ok, so my song the week if definitely beauty from pain by: superchick.

just saying. you should listen to it.

anyway. good things today, very good.

so i won a poetry contest, actually that's a lie. BUT i DID get 3rd place and a pink cow that poops candy.

yeah, i take pride in plastic pooping cow so what?

ANYWAY. and i got 13 roses. kinda excited.

so much for hating valentines day right? also, I've gotten back in touch with DJ, the kid from the summer, the one who was the start of everything going BA-Zerk. it wans't HIS fault. but those of you who know the story. you know. and i don't really know if this is a good or bad thing at the moment, cause i mean. he's not the mushy, cheesy, get in your pants kinda guy (not to me)and he said i was his angel cause i helped him with his life during the summer. and that's pretty much the only nice thing he ever says to me but idk if he realizes how much that means to me you know? like calling someone your "angel" ... BIG right? it's not like i like like him. cause i don't. i just want to know if letting him back into my life is good for me or not right now.

i feel as though i like being hectic right now. i have a very good source of "hectasy" in my life to make me fulfilled at this moment. i don't know why i was complaining before. :)

oh and thanks Neil. i loved the message this Wednesday

morning text getters

you have noo idea how you telling me how my texts help you everyday make me happy. i only send it to 20 people. and thank you for appreciating it. and not just reading it and being like "stupid Alex, Jesus is for kids" (derived from "stupid rabbit tricks are for kids") i feel as though, i know this may sound silly, but that i have kind of maybe something I'm good at doing, by spreading Gods love. which is a very big goal of mine.

so thank you. and have a wonderful (still hallmark Holiday) valentines day.

yours truly.

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