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Saturday, January 9, 2010


OK, well yesterday i felt so oddly content. i didn't feel like i NEEDED to hang out with someone on a Friday night. i was just kinda stuck at school but I'm was fine with that. so i started walking. and i really don't know where i was just walking then i ended up in a park, i know your thinking... is she telling a whole novel... just bare with me. well anyway I'm in the park and not to mention it is about 48 degrees outside and I'm alone. BUT i was content. well after a while i thought i was going to get raped so i headed back to the school, but that's besides the point. the point was i got to see beauty and just take a break from my busy life for about 2 hours. also, lately I've been figuring out who my real friends are.. it's not like I've been getting in fights with people to make me not like them. it's more of a who's always going to be there. i can't really describe it. it just is. maybe this 2009 it's telling me to really figure out things... i hope so.

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