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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

so most of the time i don't really care what people say about me because they don't know me, when they say i'm fake and a huge flirt, but after a while when people tell you this, you have to think it's for a reason, but i have done NOTHING to make these people post annonomously rude things about me on my formspring, so all i'm left to believe is that i guess i'm really not that great of a person. i wonder what my real friends think. i know to my face they will say i'm fine and to tell everyone else to shove it who are saying these hurtful things but what about when i'm not there to listen to their response? will they still say that? I guess i am just looking too much into things. i gave it to God and thats all i really can do right, well 3 more days until my party and 6 more until my actual berfday. (:

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